Wednesday, November 3, 2010

using your iphone as a remote for your camera

found a sweet app for the iphone. its called dslr remote...although the free version is pretty limited, it still serves as a way to take test shots, or shoot tethered to your laptop.  i fired off a ton of shots, and it only delayed on a few of them.

even if you dont plan to use it in the studio setting it'll be a cool way to impress your friends...and another "thank god for my iphone" moment!

so excited...and seriously lame.

Halloween 2010

Spent the night bouncing from party to party.  Started in the Village, then to Brooklyn and then finished the night in Washington Heights.  Had a great time and met some very interesting people! dope.  my group met up in the village and proceeded to take the night by storm!
mis amigos